Jewelry & Engagement Rings



Fine Jewelry mostly made in Platinum and Diamonds (or other Precious Stones). Some are Handmade, many show off a fine Pavè well finished and all are made with the highest of quality. A few are one of a kind pieces.







Diamond Fine Jewelry designed to show a Round Diamond of twice it's Carat Total Weight. The Collection includes Pendants, Rings and Earrings in 18 Karat White Gold.  It's well known for it's fine manufacturing and high quality control on every piece shipped out to customers. Diamonds used for this line range to be GSI1 SI2*  

*Diamond Classification.






The main concept was to design the jewelry following the pattern of the Fancy Shape Diamonds. The Diamond size used is of under a carat weight per stone; that is including diamonds from 1/5 to below a carat.The diamonds used are Russian Cut; Ovals, Pear Shapes, Marquis and Princess Cut having a grading color of G+ SI.  The Russian Diamonds excel for having the nicest makes in fancies, enhancing the brilliance and look of the size.  The combination of the material, the make and the shape result in a noticeable fire in each stone.